Enhance Your Review Experience

DigiPsych is an online self-review system for students taking the Licensure Examination for Psychometrician in the Philippines. It was carefully
designed by experts to provide the most cost-effective, accessible, engaging and entertaining reviewing tool while assuring the highest standard
in review-education. The DigiPsych online self-review system is designed to provide all the benefits you can get from a conventional
review center and even more.

High-quality lectures and discussions from experts in the field.

Engaging, entertaining, and addictive approach to reviewing.

Personalized evaluation on your learning progress.

Use the tool anytime, anywhere, as many times as you wish.


The Digipsych online review system is comprised of four Powerkits and seven review Boosters. They are a compendium of videos, e-books, and other online reviewing materials that are strategically designed to make-up the most effective reviewing methodology today.

Theories of Personality

Acquire mastery of all the important concepts under every personality theory, local and foreign. Understand the biographical sketch of the proponents of the theories. Apply your understanding of the concepts to different cases and situations.

Abnormal Psychology

Gain deep understanding of the nature, theories, cultural factors and causes of psychopathology. Master the diagnostic criteria of the different psychological disorders. Learn to diagnose different cases basing from their symptoms, history and demographic.

Psychological Assessment

Understand the historical and theoretical foundations of psychological testing. Acquire clear knowledge on the key concepts in test construction and standardization. Master the proper usage, administration, scoring and interpretation of important psychological tests.

Industrial Psychology

Learn the fundamental functions of human resource management such as sourcing and recruiting, training, career development, and termination. This also includes concepts such as job analysis, job evaluation, job appraisal, job performance, job satisfaction, and organizational culture.

Stimulate your review with our seven review Boosters all included FREE in our Genius and Retaker Packages.


Draw inspiration from the stories of those who successfully passed the exam. Learn priceless lessons from their successful journey, as you plan to take your own.


Learning is most effective when it is fun! Enjoy these trivia and fun facts on the side to inject fun into your reviewing.


Learn techniques and practices such as meditation to optimize your mental focus.


Learn some useful hacks to keep your every study time a productive one. These little tips might help you out as you go your way to the top!


Solidify your learning by receiving a final coaching from each lecturer.


Learn research-based tips and scientifically proven principles on studying. These tips will give you the most effective methods to maximize your learning.

“The review materials are very comprehensive. All the four core modules that are included in the board exam are there.” – Archie David Guidance Counselor, Colegio de Sebastian